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After serving three separate juvenile sentences and being placed into an alcohol and drug rehab, from the time Bunty Desor turned 17 until he reached 20 he was arrested 29 different times for 49 various offenses. At 20 years old he was sent to the South Carolina Department of Corrections for various drug charges and was not released until he was 29, in 2006.

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      A former Muslim, Bunty surrendered his heart and life to the LORD Jesus Christ and became an avid student of the Bible while he was incarcerated. He was able to complete Bible College in the prison system and was conferred a Doctorate Degree in Sacred Theology from the Amherst Theological Seminary in Madison Heights, Virginia.  

     Six months after Dr. Desor was released from the Department of Corrections he was privileged to meet and then later marry the love of his life, Christy Wyatt. In the same year the LORD led him to implement an aggressive inner-city outreach ministry called the New Life Deliverance Ministries. This outreach thrives outside the walls of the Church, preaching and teaching the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.  

     It’s primary focus remains on those who are in greatest need of a new life and start in Christ Jesus. He is humbled that the LORD has made him into a new person and has given him a new beginning. Bunty happily lives with his wonderful wife and kids in the beautiful county of Spartanburg, South Carolina.



A Testimony of God's Deliverance & Grace


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